Losing Uv when convert .obj to .glb/.gltf

Hello ,

I am trying to convert an .obj file to .glb/.gltf with Blender 2.8 , the conversion is ok but when i apply a texture the object look like it is dont have the same Uv as the .obj file , any tips ?


Pinging @PirateJC

Hey @mixofo - Can you expand on what you mean by “convert.”

Are you importing an .obj into Blender and then exporting a .glb.

Any chance you could point us to the file in question to help troubleshoot?

Yes right ,i import an .obj that has a Uv and when i convert it to .glb and apply a texture on it , the object act like it is dont have a UV

This is the file : table.zip (92.1 KB)


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Hey @mixofo, Sorry for the delayed response. I’m having trouble repro-ing what you’re experiencing.

When I take your table.blend file and open it in blender I see the uv’s that you’ve mapped out.

Then I apply a texture so it looks like this:

Then when I export a .glb and load that into the sandbox. It looks as expected.

Which version of Blender are you using? Also Are you using the built in exporter, built in to Blender 2.8 and higher, or are you using the Babylon exporter located here: GitHub - BabylonJS/BlenderExporter: Exports From Blender to Babylon.JS in JSON / .babylon format