Gltf/obj file does not have materials and textures in sandbox

Hi guys, I am a noob here but when I try to export my blender model as an obj file, the textures do not load with it. I even tried loading the mtl file in the sandbox but nothing seems to be happening too. Anybody can tell me what is the reason?. Thanks for the help!

Hello and welcome!

Seems that you need to define UV map - BabylonJS Sandbox - Texture cannot be displayed - #15 by Youmyin
Also, I would recommend to save your file from Blender as GLTF/GLB, it is just much more convenient.

Hello! May I ask what specifically I need to google for me to define uv map? Should I do it on my textures?

Here are some links - Using the Blender glTF Exporter · Hubs by Mozilla

Also you may try to open some ‘properly made’ GLTF (or OBJ, if you prefer this format for some reasons) file in Blender and see its properties.

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hello I still cant solve the problem. Is it ok if I pm you my model and you could kindly tell me where my problem is? Thanks for the reply I truly appreciate it