Malformed UV-Layout after Blender2Babylon export

Dear Forum!

I am experiencing a malformed uv layout when exporting a mesh from blender (2.82a)
to babylon using the Blender2Babylon exporter (V6.4.)

A side-by-side comparsion. Left is the exported .babylon. Right is the exported .glb

I’ve tried triangulating the model before exporting but the issue is still there.
Here are the wireframes of the meshes without triangulation:

Here are the wireframes of the meshes with triangulation:

My colleague says, during triangulation the UVs do cross, resulting in a malformed texture. Any ideas how that could happen in Blender2Babylon Exporter under the hood? Or any other ideas how to resolve this issue?
Best, Manu

In the .babylon exporter a vertex is only reusable in the case where position, normals, uv1, uv2, vertex color, and if there is a skeleton matrix indices & weights are all equal. All geometry, not just UV is generated this way.

I do not know what GLB does, but I know that they split meshes up by material, where as the .babylon export doubles up the vertices & creates a mult-material.

I do not consider generating a differently than another format a bug.

I think i forgot to mention that the original mesh (an .obj file) looks like the .glb file. I’d call it a bug because the exported .babylon file does not look like the imported .obj file.

use GLB