Massive FPS drop in firefox

We have a scene which can easily get 30/60 fps in chrome depending on resolution. With firefox its dropping as low as 12.

Using the firefox profiler, it looks like the issue is in the animations:

the function requestAnimationFrame is currently taking around 80-85ms

During periods of fps up jump, requestAnimationFrame seems to drop to around 70ms so it looks like there is a strong correlation.

Looking at the Frame steps duration

It appears there is a large chunk of time unaccounted for.

When I tried to dig deeper, there seems to a lot of time waiting around in Gecko if I am reading it right

Clearing basically everything out the scene, still leaves it at 16 fps.

Okay fun, sometimes we get 30fps. Not every often and with some stuff in the scene. I suspect its not linked to any one thing we are doing in the scene,.

No change when switching to 5-alpha-20

Make sure you have hardware acceleration on :slight_smile:
For some reason I cannot see your picture but RequestAnimationFrame is not animations. It is the callback the browser calls on each frame for us to render everything

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Also a Playground repro could help