Material with video is inexplicably Red

My dear Babylonians, I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden the texture holding the output from the webcam is just red. I haven’t been able to google for this either as I don’t understand what’s even happening? The SSL cert shows its valid, and a user’s face is picked up (viral particles accumulate on your face, if you move your face the viral particles will fall off open your mouth you’ll see ‘vote’ icons generated), but everything on the plane that’s supposed to show the camera output is just red! I opened a discussion on jeeliz face filter that does the face detection too but it looks to be a Babylon issue? Any thoughts would be great appreciated.

I think you will have to isolate your webcam code in a playground to help us better see what’s happening.

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So sorry for the late reply @Vinc3r ! I changed my Babylon from preview to an old cached one (Babylon.js-4.2.0-alpha.35), which is the one we initially built this with, and now it works again!
Not the most ideal solution but works for now…