Maya export to Babylon - What determines the sourceMesh of a Maya instance?

I have a bunch of meshes in a Maya scene that I’m using as a “library” to create many instances from. I’m using Duplicate Special in Maya to create the instances. When loading the final .glb export into Babylon it is useful for me to be able to reference a mesh in the library and to be sure that it is of the Mesh class and not of the InstancedMesh class. But I can’t seem to ensure this. An InstancedMeshes sourceMesh is often out in the scene rather than in the library area. I don’t think Maya has a notion of a sourceMesh, so my question is, how does the exporter determine which node it encounters becomes a Mesh and which becomes an InstancedMesh? I looked at the exporter code but I’m still unsure. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hmm, might have just figured it out. Just make sure what you consider to be your “sourceMeshes” are at the top of the hierarchy in Maya. Apparently the “original” in Maya is always the first encountered in the hierarchy, and the exporter does the same.