Maya 2021 Exporter

Hello, and I am using a beta version of Maya and would like to use the exporter for some testing. Can I ask for any information which would help me to build the plug-in for this purpose? I have downloaded the latest source version, but have so far been unable to use the build with this version of Maya.


Hey and welcome!

do you mean with visual studio?

Hey, and thanks for responding. After spending some time looking through my installation, it appears the version of Maya is storing a plug-ins folder in bin, and I have been able to load it successfully.

Thanks again for your reply, and I’ll post any issues I find using it with the later version,

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For more clarification, this is likely to support the transition to python 3.8 and will doubtfully be part of a public release.

However, both the complex fbx model and helix (built-in) which I generated have exported empty scenes without warning (babylon and gltf). I get the following error: Exception raised during export. Node will be exported as a dummy node. Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Both the babylon file and .bin file are empty.


if you have a repro case you can maybe create an issue on the epxorters repo

Hey, and I will create a case after I have done a bit deeper debugging, as it seems like an easy solve.

Thanks again,