For Maya exporter - allow export of Extra Attributes data on Locator nodes

The Maya exporter currently calls the following in ExportMesh:
babylonMesh.metadata = ExportCustomAttributeFromTransform(mFnTransform);
Is it possible to call the same thing in ExportDummy, which is called when a Locator node is encountered during export?
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Adding @Guillaume_Pelletier

Thanks for that Evgeni. Just to give some more context, I’m using Locator nodes in Maya to populate a scene with instances at runtime from a handful of source meshes/hierarchies. This is greatly improving export time. It’s also helping to improve runtime performance as I can defer creating many instances until the user actually needs them, rather than at startup. I can encode which source mesh to use in the name of the Locator, but some instances need their UVs modified using instancedBuffers. It would be a life saver if I could encode this info in Extra Attributes.
Thanks again.