Million Dollar Boy

This part is dedicated fully to reflections so you can expect a lot of them :slight_smile: and to animations.

Guys and pump up the volume! Without audio this demo will loose it’s coolness. Actually I hope you will find it cool as well as me. I hope the timing will be good on all PC’s :see_no_evil:

A lot of my ideas didn’t get to the demo. I’m starting to be fed up with diamonds :smiley:

The dancing dude is created dynamically and attached to the rig in the code, so it is easy to create any creature.

Source will be released later, as usually.


I’ve found out that the demo has pretty awfull timing issues :frowning: It runs differently on my friend’s Mac… The colors are overexposed as well :frowning: :frowning:

I need to find out how to make frame perfect timing obviously. I added a Spin button and the Demo starts in Camera unlocked mode. The camera now can go upside down and you can change the animation but only once, because I can’t unsync the running animation:


Hype! Very nice :sunglasses:

Though small question. I’m not sure what the toggle camera lock button does. Seemed like it didn’t change anything cause the camera was still spinning.

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Trippy! Love it. You’re on fire dude! :sunglasses:

Whatever you’re having for breakfast, I need some of that.

Thanks for bringing a smile to my stressful morning.

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Thank you! The camera is spinning on, but you can alter the rotation with your mouse. So basically the random camera positioning is turned off and on.

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Thank you!
I had tuna and eggs today :joy::joy::joy:
You are welcome dude! It was a funny experience for me either!

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Hey, here is the source code. There is some code not worth of a senior coder, but I’m still in a hurry, you guys know what it’s like :nerd_face: :running_man:

The main song is not included in the repo. You have to put it in public/audio/music.mp3

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