Missing For Asset Container Bool In GLTFLoader

YO @bghgary or @Deltakosh … There used to be a _forAssetContainer boolean flag i was using in my GLTF parser to check if this load was an AssetContainer or a regular scene load… That seem to have been removed in Alpha 25 builds… What is the property to check if loading a asset container ???

Should this work to check if is loading for an Asset Container

IsAssetContainer = (this._gltfLoader._assetContainer != null);

That should work, but you really shouldn’t be depending on private properties. Why do you need to know if it’s an asset container or not?

I handle some parsing of script component metadata differently if its an asset container

So @bghgary DO you think fou can add some kind of public isAssetContainer property on the loader that could check if (_assetContainer != null) or something ?