Texture looks different in different devices

How to make the scene consistent in every devices? The problem I have is that the texture looks different in different devices.

Here is my playground https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#7FYWYL#8

This is what it looks like from xiaomi redmi note 5.

This is what it looks like from huawei nova 5T

And this is from my laptop Lenovo Legion 5

How can I fix this problem? Also I need suggestion on how to make the scene more prettier. It looks good on Blender, but after I imported to Babylon.js it looks kinda dull.

If I zoomed the texture from my laptop it looks like what I expected.

But when zooming it out, it creates some kind of distortion on the texture.

I think you should disable features (bump, sheen if you use it, etc) to see which one(s) does render differently on your devices. It could also be that some of your devices only support WebGL1, so some things may render a little differently because of the less capable API.

As for improving the model, I will let artists answer this one.