morphTargetManagers not playing animation into Sandbox

Hi all,
I wonder if somebody may tell me why this model when loaded into the sandbox (967.9 KB)
do not play the morph animation, when the skin animation is correctly launched and played.
I have the Exported GLB which is nicely played
draco (528.7 KB)
Both are comming from the 3DSMax Exporter.
Note : The question is not about adding Animation group but about the consistence of behavior between Skin and Morph animation into the .Babylon file/ Sandbox. It may be an issue into the file but i did not find anything so far.


@bghgary might be able to help :slight_smile:

He told me to put the question on the forum :grin:

In babylon format animation are automated based on the autoAnimate property which is not in the influence animation one

where as in gltf/b it is a loader property to trigger either the first or all the animations at once. sandbox is set to first.

Hello @Guillaume_Pelletier just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile:

Nope, setting autoAnimate to true does not change the game.

oh this is strange, could you provide a repro ?

yes, just play this into the sandbox (960.0 KB)
Where added “autoAnimate” and related properties to the “animations” of the “targets” of the “morphTargetManager”.

Modifying the order of the Skeleton/Morph into the file do not change the behavior (960.1 KB)

I ll have a look later tonight thanks for the repro


This will get fixed by Fix morph autoAnimate by sebavan · Pull Request #12066 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

but the file needs to be changed to (815.9 KB)

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Thanks, Let me know when the sand box will be updated, in order to make the related change and verify the pipeline within the Max exporter

it should be updated tomorrow in the next nightly