Need help with imported models

I imported a simple animated glb model and I am not able to change its material or even use a physics engine.
the lighting is also not working properly, I want it to look like the babylonjs sandbox upload.
Your comments are very much appreciated.

babylonjs sandbox:


Take a look at the PBR section of the doc’, you will soon see that PBR materials need an environnementTexture :wink:

An easy way to do this is to call the scene helper createDefaultEnvironment(), check line 3


About the physics, you haven’t enabled the physics engine.
Take a look into this:
Using A Physics Engine | Babylon.js Documentation (

Enabling the engine and creating impostors for the meshes that need to have collision works fine. I just had to remove the __root__ node, but it should be simple to apply its transformation to the meshes.
[fff | Babylon.js Playground (]( fff | Babylon.js Playground (

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Hi @TheScientist just checking in, do you need any more help with your model? :slightly_smiling_face: