No 3D positioned GUI on iOS

Hi guys,

I have a setup in our app that uses AdvancedDynamicTexture, CreateImageOnlyButton and linkWithMesh to create buttons that sit in specific 3D locations. You can view it here:

However, on iOS none of the icons seem to show up at all. Does the Babylon GUI not work without webGL 2? Is there something I can do to get it to work or any sort of alternative?

Any help or suggestions would be super appreciated! Cheers.

Adding @Cedric to have a look on ios :slight_smile:
Also can you repro in the playground?

Thanks Deltakosh, here’s a reproduction of the icon issue in playground:

I’ve checked and the image button doesn’t appear on iOS.

Let me take a look.

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I can repro on Mac with Safari. WebGL1 or 2. I’m trying to find a fix for that issue.


Images used in the GUI need to be power of 2 sized. I resized the 900x900 image to 1024x1024 and it works fine on MacOS and iOS Safari.

iOS ImageOnlyButton Test | Babylon.js Playground

Ah of course, I knew it’d be something simple I’d missed. Thanks for the help Cedric!