Node material editor: option disable auto + "ctrl+z"?

Hi !

I may have missed the option, but is it possible to:

  1. add an option to disable the automatic connections?
  2. enable ctrl+z to undo ?


Adding @PatrickRyan for the UX and feature questions.

ctrl+z is a lot of work to add unfortunately :slight_smile:

Undo is not the most important if we can disable the automatic connections :wink:

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Yup totally agree !!!

@Julien1, I agree that there are times when the auto connections cause unexpected re-wiring. I think the solution is to put the auto connections under a modifier key press so they are still available to speed connections, but do not happen unexpectedly. I will work on some feature requests for the team to solidify the UX.


@PatrickRyan That is great! :+1: :+1:

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