NPR of water color effect in babylon js

Need some guidance to achieve this through NME.

Is this a Questions? In case, you should post your request in this category.
Else, when providing tutorial, please make sure at least part of it applies to BJS.
Thanks for your understanding and have a great day :sunglasses:

I am intending to implement the effect through babylon js and in-built node material editor. Sorry for the confusion

No worries. I was saying both for keeping some kind of ‘order’ in the forum but also for you to get faster and more accurate replies. I will move your topic to the ‘questions’ category. I’m no specialist of shaders and NME but we have a number of great specialist here (and also for GLSL). I’m sure someone will give you some insight or might even want to help you with creating this fx. The FX looks quite appealing to me. Would be worth some efforts I believe. Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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Sounds a bit complicated!

I think you’ll have to go step by step and, when you get stuck, ask for help in the forum for that specific step.

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These videos about toon/ink shaders on NME could be a good starting point:
Create Your Own Toon Shader with Babylon.js! Part 1 - YouTube
Node Material: Ink Shader Tutorial - YouTube

The decal part doesn’t even need to be a shader, it can be a texture decal ( Decals | Babylon.js Documentation (

Hope this helps you get started :wink: