Object Reflection and size is not proper on floor tile

As i didn’t achieve reflection size with cubic texture mode.
while trying with different reflection mode:
the reflection size is too large to see on the floor, finally getting some reflection in fixed equirectangular mode but it’s not proper.

as well as losing reflection if I move objects in any corner of the room like the below pic. there is one spotlight in this room.

in the above video tried cubic, projection, planar, modes, etc, As well the object was also placed to height as an object on the floor not able to see any reflection and size is also too large.

Can you provide us with a Playground (playground.babylonjs.com) to reproduce your issue?

one sample is created, here I need the spheres must be on the floor and the reflection shouldn’t change while rotating the scene, and the reflection not to be large.

@Deltakosh @carolhmj

What do you mean by the reflection not changing when rotating? If the camera used to view a scene is rotated, then the reflection on the objects will change. That’s how it works on the real world.

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if i use arc camera the reflection position is not at one place like shadow work.

It is still unclear what you mean by this. Can you provide a picture of the result that you expect vs the result you get?