Particle system on Babylon.js Editor v4.2

Thanks @Limes2018 !
No problems, main job first :slight_smile:



Sorry for waiting. I’ve uploaded my project on a Github repo.

flushpot1125/BJSEditor-character-animation (

  1. Open it on your Editor
  2. File > Projects > scene2
  3. You can confirm “test > test” as particle

I just knew Editor v4.3 has been released and opened the project on v4.3.
Therefore, babylon.js in the project has been upgraded as 5.9.0.

Hope the repo would be useful.

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just checking in on here has the issue been solved? @Limes2018

Hi @carolhmj

No, my issue has not been solved.
My issue : I can not use particle feature in Babylon.js Editor
Current my temporary countermeasure: Use “Particle Editor”, get json, and use the json via TypeScript in Babylon.js Editor.

I still wait for @julien-moreau 's investigation but I’m not in hurry.

Reference : Here is current my work.

LimesさんはTwitterを使っています: 「剣を振る→衝撃波が対象物に→岩吹き飛ぶ、までを #Babylonjs Editorでできました。あとは岩のエフェクトを調整すれば火炎大地斬の再現になりそうです。」 / Twitter

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Hey @Limes2018 the support of particle systems has been fixed in latest version. Now particle systems are found using their names, as you did in your code.

Also, I added a new step in the lifecycle called onInitialized.

As a reminder, onInitialize is the equivalent of the constructor for the script and linked objects are not yet set. In order to use these objects between the onInitialize and onStart, you can type something lile:

private _ps:ParticleSystem;


 * Called on the node has been fully initialized and is ready.
public onInitialized(): void {
    // ...
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Hi @julien-moreau
Thanks for your kind support!! Let me just confirm, “latest version” means Editor v4.4?
(Currently v4.3 is the latest)

Hey @Limes2018 you are right. This version will be released soon with GUI support (as much as I can)