PBR material loading problem


I have a problem with loading PBR material.

When loading my scene, some textures are not recognized. However, by going to the inspector, I find my texture and when I click on the “URL” field and click outside again, without touching anything, it loads my texture and applies it to the mesh which uses the relevant material.

You have access to the example by following this url : https://vr.leonard-solutions.com

Do you know what could happen?

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There are two times “temp_Projet/” in the bad urls. For eg: “https://vr.leonard-solutions.com/temp_Projet/temp_Projet/textures/imprime.png”. Removing one makes the link work.

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Thx for your answer,

For the pergola wall, I have a “Beton” texture, with the following url: “…/temp_Projet/textures/Beton_Défaut_basecolor.png”, if I click on the url, it works again. However, I don’t see “temp_Project” appearing twice ? Am I missing something ?

Indeed, it seems your initial urls are wrong. If you look at the browser console (for the “Béton” texture):


Both are wrong, as it should be something like: https://vr.leonard-solutions.com/temp_Projet/textures/Beton_D%C3%A9faut_basecolor.png

You should check the url you pass to the Texture constructor and make sure they are valid urls.

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