PCF looks bad on iOS

Percentage Closer Filtering doen’t work well on iOS 15.5. Shadows aren’t smooth. Here’s an example.


iOS 15.5:

I reproduced the issue on iOS 15.2, 15.5, 15.7, 16.1 in Safari with babylon.js 5.32.0 as well as with babylon.js 4.2.1.

I can repro and I am having a look to see if you should open a ticket on webkit which I am afraid might be needed. I ll let you know in a bit.

It unfortunately seems to be an issue on ios safari only :frowning: Could you open a ticket on webkit for it ???

You should let them know it is only an issue with webgl via metal…. So definitely not smthg we can workaround on our side :frowning:

Disabling it like here makes it ok

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Thank you! I reported to WebKit.

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