Performance Slow down in Windows Bootcamp

Hey guys, i seem to be having an issues with a scene and running on a Windows Bootcamp Partition.

I have this test scene Babylon Playground

It is setup for 6 cars, all auto-pilot… The camera is attached to the black mustang. Just let the scene run for a while… A few laps or so… And watch the FPS and let me know what you get on your different desktops… PC or MAC.

It seems to continuously drop FPS and my GPU Fan really revs up on my Mac Pro Windows Bootcamp Partition.

It works perfectly on native Mac partition. Consistently get 45-50 FPS with 6 AI cars all using skidmarks and wheel smoke with AI Steering and Vehicle Avoidance Logic…

FYI… I am using Chrome on both PC and MAC… Safari and Edge dont seem to play well with WebGL 2 … Yet

Please check out the scene and let me know how it works for you :slight_smile:

Also … my new iPhone 11 … freaking awesome… solid 60 FPS

… please try with IOS and Android devices as well :+1:

This is a nice scene !!!

I wonder if it is a driver issue in bootcamp like pushing you to the integrated vs discrete gpu ?

Good idea to check out… Thanks @sebavan