Photodome Color Difference

I’ve been making some 360 stereo photodomes, but noticing that the color in VR is quite a bit lighter than normal. Is color managed differently once VR is launched? To be clear, the color looks OK at the initial, non-XR page. Maybe part of the default VR experience helper?

I’ve seen this on a number of domes, but my currently one is highly susceptible to this ( Babylon.js sample code)

Thanks for your help!

Is it on Apple platform?
IIRC, @RaananW had the same issue some time ago.

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Yep, would be great to know what headset you are testing with?

The default XR helper and XR itself do not change (or should not) change anything in your scene, especially not the color space.

Yes sorry, I am testing on Apple Vision Pro. Any clues as to what is going on?

This is a known issue with the vision pro. They render WebXR incorrectly.
Everyone hopes they will solve it asap :slight_smile: . We might try to find a temporary solution for babylon, but this is an anti-pattern - fixing an issue by breaking something in the framework…

I hear you! Do you know if there is a bug/tracking on Babylon side or Apple side? Sorry I didn’t see this was known problem.

It’s not a bug in babylon, so we don’t have an issue but are tracking it on our own, waiting for an update for vision OS. on Apple’s side, i sadly don’t know. I tried searching, but i can’t come up with anything.