PlaneRotationGizmo, dragging gizmos changing each value of rotation (x,y,z), not only one of the axis

Hi guys, if you open inspector and watch the x y z values of rotation, and then you play around with the gizmos, at some point one gizmo control, lets say gizmoX starts changing each value not only x value of rotation.

Something tells me that I will get the answer “that’s suppose to happen”. But can you explain to me why, and is there a way that I can control these values separately with each gizmo control.

Thank you

pinging @Cedric

You are right @nogalo :slight_smile: That’s suppose to happen.
Rotations are combined. Imagine a cube with a rotation of 90deg on X axis. Y axis of the cube becomes Z and Z axis becomes Y. Depending on the order of axis application, you won’t get the same result at the end as well. In Maya IIRC, you can set the order of multiplication and default order in one package might not be the same in another one.
There is no default way of doing it.
If you add Euler interpolation, this can be a mess and usually, internaly, no one interpolate angles and use Quaternion instead.

Here is a nice explanation with a dice : linear algebra - Why are rotational matrices not commutative? - Mathematics Stack Exchange

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Yeah. I expected that’s the case. Thank you for the clarification.

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