Problems on Chrome Mobile since December 7th, 2023

Just confirming that this solved my problem for now. I tried upgrading to 6.x, but I’ll need to rewrite some application sections, so I’ll use this code and postpone the upgrade to next week.

Thank you very much for your support!!

Just want to mention this happened to my project aswell. Some faces dissapeared when opened the page in Chrome on Android mobile yesterday. Had always worked fine before.Haven’t changed anything on babylon side. Havent tried the fix yet , but i am asuming it works:).Im guessing this is affecting alot of projects out there. Great that you posted about it and Chrome team is pinged.:+1:

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more reports coming in:

Thanks @mawa for pointing this out, works for me.
Maybe it’s worth adding that
engine.disableUniformBuffers = true
needs to be set before the scene is created, or else :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this topic! !! <3

We’ve been testing for several days now, on Chrome (Brave Linux, not Mobile) without understanding the problem we’re having…
It’s really complicated to grasp, but we use several plugins on PBR Material (same problem with Standard Material), and we need to enable and disable them on the fly.

This would break the rendering of the scene by simply adding the prepareDefines method with a false to true define… (even without shader code in the plugin…)
The more RTTs we have, the more broken it seems to be (but only on the main render scene, the RTTs are fine either way).

Fortunately, the fix engine.disableUniformBuffers = true; makes it work!!!

Thanks again for this Christmas present :santa:

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yup sorry about this, The Chrome team has been hard at work fixing it and it should end up being a new 120 update as well


I believe this is related to Chrome bugs with devices using MediaTek chips.

My problem also started from 7th Dec 2023. The website doesnt render correctly in my device and confirmed on some other devices with and without MediaTek chip.
Basically some parts of the website get drawn duplicated or repeated. It sounds like something related to memory, buffer or Chrome render engine.

Can you guys check if you only see issues with Mediatek chips?

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