Procedural texture behaves differently in NME editor and in the babylon playground

Hello everyone :smiley:

So iā€™m trying to recreate this laser tutorial Unity Shader Graph - Laser Beam Tutorial in Babylon NME.

I got to the point where I have to implement distortion for the main texture (12:05 timestamp on the vid)
and this is what got:

But when I am trying to implement this texture in the playground, it behaves different:

I have deleted most of the nodes till I have Time and Noise only: but it still behaves different in the playground:

Then I noticed that it behaves as intended on sphere mesh. So I must have messed up UV maybe? Maybe I should put noise function after texture? Would really appreciate if someone can explain why it behaves different in the playground and what am I doing wrong :sweat_smile:

You need to subdivide the plane to avoid distortion effects (the plane mesh in the preview window of the NME is a high poly plane):