Project using glb or gltf from adobe animate


We are developing a project that requires a large isomentric style 2d illustrated landscape (like the Sims) to be published for a 4k touch experience and for the web.

The vector artwork is a quite complicated and html5 publishing from Animate was far too slow. So we are looking to animate in adobe animate and publish to webgl as gltf or glib.

We were delighted to see that the glibs published from animate can be manipulated and rendered with BJS. We are more experienced in 3d interactive projects and use (and love!) babylonJS.

This adobe link prompted testing the glib in the BJS sandbox. WebGL-glTF export (standard and extended) | Adobe Animate tutorials

Has anyone developed a project using bjs to control glibs exported from adobe animate? - Is this a good idea?!

Appreciated guys…

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Sounds like a fun idea to try but I never did on my side. Maybe @MiiBond would know ?

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This sounds like an awesome use case for Babylon, please keep us posted on what you come up with!