Recommendations how to learn everything about 3D?

Hey my friends,

originally my home is web design and working with online shops. Since I was very interested in web based 3D visualization I came across Babylon a few months ago. Now I decided to improve my skills by learning more about the way how it works, how materials are made, how you are able to present a very realistic model in browser.

I appreciate the documentation and especially the support of this community. It‘s honestly the most supportive community I have seen so far. Thanks for that.

Since the documentation only describes how to use the functions of Babylon and not what it does and I don‘t want to ask stupid questions all the time I want to learn as much as possible to solve problems on my own.

Before Babylon I didn‘t know what things like meshes, shading, anti-aliasing, tone-mapping, … are. And my current comprehension about it is still extremely basic. Therefore I would love to know if you have any tipps where and how to learn everything.

I don‘t want to focus on modeling but more about materials and realistic presentation. Since the whole purpose is to be able to master Babylon it’s not related to a 3D software like maya, 3Ds max or whatever. I would pay for a course as well if it’s really helpful. If you know anything like that please let me know.


This is where I started : Tutorial series: learning how to write a 3D soft engine from scratch in C#, TypeScript or JavaScript – David Rousset :slight_smile:


Just a note of caution being able to strip down and re-build a car engine does not necessarily make you a better driver. A good racing driver learns the skills in driving a car and leaves the racing car design and tuning to the experts. Have you thought through what you want to be good at?

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Thanks, for that link. That looks really promising :slight_smile:

I agree. But I am convinced that good racing driver still has a good comprehension about how the engine works. At this point I have very little knowledge about all topics regarding 3D. Therefore I want to understand the basic concepts of it. I assume that while doing this my goals might change. But right know I am more interested in setting up a highly realistic scene instead of creating the models. I realized that most important are materials, lights and environments in terms of making even a low poly model look very realistic.

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@JohnK : Agree with you John :slightly_smiling_face:

@samevision : Maybe take a look at these videos (all 10 of them):

So You Wanna Make Games??

All the different work that goes into building a game - from concept art to sound design to character art and animation.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

I will give it a glance. Thank you for the link!