RenderEdge performance

I recently found out about the enableEdgesRendering(); function and tried to use it in my project.
It works fine, but the loading of the scene takes much longer.
So I wanted to ask, if there are any possibilities to imrpove the performance of it?

The loading time is mainly related to the shader compilation time required or should be so if you have lots of meshes, it might require as many compilations there.

A repro in the playground might be helpful.

Without using the enableEdgesRendering() the loadtime is only a few seconds. Using the EdgesRendering, it takes 30seconds and more to load. I have indeed a lot of meshes, that are created based on geometry data in a JSON file. During the creation loop,that goes through the JSON and creates all meshes, i set the EdgesRendering.
Setting up a repro would be quite difficult though.

Generating it requires to generate edges line which is a quite slow cpu operation unfortunately, involving lot of Maths to create the line geometries.

There is not much we can do here.

What you could do is saving them and loading them from the file as well ?

I think, that could work in general. But unfortunatly the JSON changes and I usually dont load the same data twice :sweat_smile:
For your understanding: We are using BABYLON to create a 3D model of a assembly group and give the user features to interact with it (select parts, set status, filter the model etc). This supports the user during the assembly. After finishing one assembly group, the data (JSON) of the next one is loaded. And we usually dont have assembly groups twice. :confused: