Slower loading of meshes using 5.0.0-alpha.36

Hello guys!
Did anyone notice that loading meshes on the latest preview is much much slower than on 4.2.0?

W00000t, this is insanely scary, can you repro in the playground, I tried loading glbs with the same result at the moment ?

same here no difference

Guys, I will try to dig deeper, what causes the problem for me, but switching back to 4.2.0 immediately solved the problem. I’ll let you know. Thanks!

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Would be awesome if we could fix it :slight_smile:

BJS 4.2.0

BJS 5.0.0-alpha.36

It seems, that some meshes are loaded at the same speed in both versions, but this and another one I am using in my project is making trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can you share a repro in the PG? I’m sure @bghgary will love to fix that

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Yep, in private.

Thanks a lot !!!

For anyone else interested this was fixed by the BabylonJS team and there is a configuration option available in 5.0.0-alpha.37.

A part of message from @Deltakosh :
With 5.0 we introduced support for morph targets to store their data into textures (instead of storing into mesh attributes). This allows the system to render virtually infinite number of targets

But in your case this is counter productive because it slows down the loading

BABYLON.MorphTargetManager.EnableTextureStorage = false