Rendering Pipeline addCamera issue

Hello everybody,

I noticed a bug using the last version v4.2.0-alpha.23
Here is a playground showing it:

You have to use the default rendering pipeline with HDR textures set to true and use the function addCamera.

You will get the error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isSupported’ of undefined

Hope that helps! :wink:

Fix will be in the next nightly

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Hi @sebavan,

Do you know when the npm packages will also be updated in order to have the fix ?

What is the logic of when you will make an update or not by the way ?


We usually do it once every week and make increase frequency as we get close from a release.

As we have some pretty big changes, we should be able to do one end next week.

Hi @sebavan,

I saw you made an update of BabylonJS packages but it seems there is still bug with pipeline in alpha.25 as you can see in the same playground:

Maybe this is normal as you told me it will be ok by the end of the week but I wanted to warn you. :wink:

@sebavan is oof until Thursday so please bear with us :slight_smile:

Wait is is working for me (at least no error)

Ok so I removed the error but I see what you mean, I ll fix it ASAP.


PR is in Fix Rendering Pipeline addCamera by sebavan · Pull Request #8533 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub