The Mystery at Glamis Castle - JS13KGames Jam 2023 Entry


Thanks for all the help over the years in this forum, I was able to make a small game using babylonjs with only 13kb of my own code. The game ended up getting 3rd place of 9 entries in the WebXR category.

Some features:

  • Uses NME to make animated water in a pool, and a colored noise texture for various other objects
  • I made an animation handler library to handle some simple animations (This might have been possible with BJS’s built in animation, but it helped me understand what was going on and have control over it by making it myself)
  • Most objects were built from multiple MeshBuilder primitives
  • Textures were drawn on html canvas elements primarily
  • sounds were created using zzfx ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth With more time I would have tried to get the sound working in 3d space
  • Puzzles were created in code first, then hooked into the 3d view
  • I tried to use the babylonjs pointer events hooks primarily, but had to customize it when I implemented a center screen cursor

Source code: GitHub - BoldBigflank/js13k-2023

The game is webxr or mouse/keyboard.


This was lots of fun !!! @BoldBigflank loved the creativity for the puzzles.

Got frustrated that I could not solve the first riddle so I tried glitching through the door using all those tricks speedrunner do. Did not work. Good job!

P.S. Turned out I just miscounted. So technically I did solve the riddle :slight_smile:

Super cool! I remember one of your questions recently with a debug build of the game, very happy to see it completed! :smile: