Resize in combination with clamp

I have created a view in which the user can resize / scale / move a texture over a model.
This all works fine. However if the user “zooms out” the Clamp setting (BABYLON.Constants.TEXTURE_CLAMP_ADDRESSMODE) has some colour difference in the upper left corner. The upper right, bottom right and bottom left all keep the same “background” color but the upper left is darkend. Is there a way to keep the same color in this blank space?

In clamp mode, the pixel of the edges (left, right, top, bottom) are repeated, there’s no specific handling of the left edge vs the other edges (see the picture here).

You could use some custom shader code to retrieve a custom border color when u/v < 0 or >1 (Support Texture-Wrap mode CLAMP_TO_BORDER? - #6 by Pryme8).

Well I know it’s using the pixel that’s in the edge however all those 4 pixels are the same color. I made sure of that. But it looks like an empty space, completely transparent or the end of the texture like there is nothing at all, this due to the fact that the reflection on it also behaves like the texture is not there at that specific corner.

To be more precise, I’m using an image generated from an html canvas. Before using it I give the entire image a blank border.

UPDATE: The "missing part is also there if my image is a ‘blank’ " (NOTE: MY Image is vertically flipped in the canvas -> so this bottom left is originally top left)
Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 09.34.51

The Normal map generated a pixel which is has a barely visible color difference so there was indeed some other color pixel