Safari 16.4 - Web Push and offscreen canvas - yay!

Web Push for Web Apps on iOS and iPadOS | WebKit

i’m going to have a look at the XR if it’s more than a fake implementation when I get a moment as well…

edit: * Added support for 2D-only OffscreenCanvas.



Hopefully we can get fullscreen soon

Less than a decade :hourglass_flowing_sand: to finally release that bone :bone: I barely can believe it :thinking: :rofl: Should I thank Apple for this or is it just because of an ‘unhandled exception’ or the decision of a court of justice :balance_scale: :grin:? As for the norm for charging devices that will finally free us from selling an organ to buy a magsafe charger.
Anyways, for whatever it is, 2023 looks like 'the year of revolution’ to me, and let’s just say that it’s all warmly welcomed here :yum: :yum: