Sandbox don't export my Metalic and Lightmap

Hello everyone,

i import to sandbox my 3D model, in the sandbox i add the Metalic and the Lightmap, but when i export to glb in my server the changes miss. but the file is more hevy, i guess the Metalic and the Lightmap add to the glb but isn’t active.

Some one know what happend and how to solve this problem?

this is my 3d

when i add all the textures and elements looks like this

and when i export looks like this.

Adding @bghgary for the gltf parts.

glTF doesn’t support light maps, so that can’t be exported without a custom glTF extension and custom code. Metallic should export (assuming you mean the metallic roughness texture).

I don’t know how to repro your problem. I downloaded your glb and the exporter seems to do fine with it.


In case you need a code example to apply lightmaps once .glb is downloaded, you can check this playground:

(I think I should rewrite it using the asset manager by the way)


same playground using AssetsManager :nerd_face: