Sandbox not handling exactly 256*256 vert grid (1.9 MB)

Dropping these into the sandbox shows the issue. Basically any # of generated subdivisions work except the 256x256 case, Guessing it has to with the uint32 vs uint16 indicies and just a of by one error.

This would be better inside the playground as I have no idea what is the code you used to generate that

Its an obj generated outside of babylon. Loads fine in blender. It was an edge case we found in the sandbox. Its not happening at all when I load in my project yet but I do use Uint32Array for my indicies on custom meshes cause it appears Uint16 is the default. Its only the 256*256 case that’s an issue. Above and below in the sandbox are working fine.

This should not happen either in the sandbox as it uses exactly the same engine as you (and we do not have any specific settings that I can think of)

I think I know why :slight_smile: the trigger to turn int32 is at > 65536 and not at >= :smiley:
Will fix that!


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Yeah, off by one. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for all the rapid response. Been using BabylonJS in anger under a very tight deadline so of course finding all the edge cases. Appreciate all the effort, its been overall a wonderful experience.

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will be live in 30 minutes

@Deltakosh it appears this exact issue effect loading the OBJ with SceneLoader load as well. Will this be back to working in preview-18 with the changes that effected the sandbox?


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