Sandbox shows black when loading model

good day, I have different .babylon files with their textures etc, and I load them in my web app with no issues, all good

I want to now also load them into the sandbox to play with the inspector, so I drag any of these models into the sandbox and the loading sign appears but then all becomes black. I can then launch the inspector and yes it all appears there, the layers etc, all is there but the central area is alway black and I cannot see anything, any tips?

thank you :slight_smile:

my models come from blender exporter, they maybe have PBR materials, could it be maybe that the sandbox is not illuminating them with a hemispheric light? mmm not sure why all looks black

yes just checked, they have PBRMaterial stuff,
how can I make it in the sandbox that a model with PBRMaterial shows up?
thank you :slight_smile:

Can you try to open the inspector in the sandbox, right click on the Nodes nod and add a light?

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thank you @Deltakosh, just tried what you suggested, I can add lights, and I try high intensities and all but still all appears black mmm, and yet I can see all the nodes and materials on the left part, everything is correctly loaded into the inspector

by the way I see how to create a light in the inspector but not how to position it

oh yes now it works, increasing a lot the intensity and making light visible, now i can see model

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