Screen Space Bevel


is where a possibility to do Screen Space Bevel in Babylon.js? If it is not, it would be really helpfull if you could implement that feature.

That would be great, if anyone is up for the challenge!

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Totally concur if would be a cool PR

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ive never even heard of screenspace bevel , had to google it now since I cant think how it is possible anyway. Now I see it is obviously just doing some blur on sharp edges , which I guess some consider a bevel effect because it looks softer like a actual bevel.

what would really be cool is if some computer scientist took it upon themselves to add a 3rd method of rendering geometry at the hardware level. currently its , flat faces ( split normals , default ) or shared faces ( combined normal , phong shading )

so phong got rid of seeing face edges , aka smoothing but has the shading artifacts when the angle becomes too great , distance to next edge is large.

Beveling simply makes that not be an issue due to reduced angles and tighter edges.

So somehow they need to invent a new phong shading system that simply doesnt have the issues mentioned , and everything will look like it has a small tight bevel by default , at the hardware level