Set Transparency mode to "Alpha blend and test" for materials with textures with alpha by default

Hello! is a great tool and I often use it to view and validate my models (usually in gltf/glb format).
It would be great if materials with texture with alpha channel by default will have transparency mode set to “Alpha blend and test”.


The default is fine with me. And then, I believe the default as such also comes from the entire approach of how this part is handed in BJS (correct me if I’m wrong). But then, who knows ,may be there will be some changes to come in this aspect in the next version?…

It is not possible to do that, it would be a breaking change.

That’s also the understanding I got (thanks for your confirmation @Evgeni_Popov ). Again, this is all fine with me. Of course, I mostly work my scene straight in BJS (not just from Blender). @erionroot : Ya’ll see, you will eventually get acquainted to it and you can still balance that with all the other unique advantages offered by BJS :smiley: