Transparency cutoff

Hey guys.

I need to enable cutoff transparency mode in the app. Now, in the BabylonJS plugin for 3dsMax (which is getting better and better over time btw, well played), i see that you that option in the menu


How can I enable that via code? To be honest, I am not quite sure what cutoff mode exactly does and how it works. So if someone can clarify that for me it would be helpful.


You can use material.transparencyMode = BABYLON.Material.MATERIAL_ALPHATEST (or MATERIAL_ALPHATESTANDBLEND if you want to also enable blending) to enable alpha cutoff: alpha cutoff == alpha testing.

I think your material should also have material.useAlpha = true.

More explanations here: Transparency and How Meshes Are Rendered - Babylon.js Documentation

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This helped. Thank you