Should we add a section "Feature Requests" in the forum?


While we are using the engine, there must be times when we think “I wish I could do that more easily”, “maybe this helper I just wrote could be useful to the community”, “would be nice to have more control on that”?

There is a bugs and a questions section in the forum, however I find that some of my “questions” are more about discussing potential new features or improvements of the engine.

Hence I would like to know if other members of the forum would feel like sharing their ideas into such a section if it was created? Also, would BabylonJS developers feel overwhelmed if there are too many ideas? There may be a way to vote for an idea, so that developers can see at a glance what’s the community want the most?

As long as we do not consider that as an command list for features :slight_smile:
I’m all for a sub forum dedicated to feature ideas.

I just want to make sure that this will only remain IDEAS unless someone wants to develop it. In this case we will be able to move the ideas to a repo issue and track it like nay other features we plan to add.

Yeah I was seeing that as a buffer to suggest and brainstorm ideas before it leads to a PR, and ultimately as a list of inspirations for the devs.

People who have ideas but can’t use GitHub or program can still suggest their ideas and if they sound good, maybe someone else will like it and start programming it. Or maybe the person will get support from someone else, and try to implement their feature themselves; making them a new contributor :smiley:

I think that can only open more opportunities to get new contributors; and give a better sense of what the community is interesting in :slight_smile: we will see :smiley:

+1 for this category.
As you said, Github when you’re not a dev’ is a pain to use (maybe even for some dev’ when you’re new to this system :smiley: ), so having a dedicated category in the forum could allow anyone to share ideas.

And here we are :slight_smile: