[SOLVED] Imported mesh from blender is back-culled from the front

I have imported a scene made in Blender as .babylon. The scene have a mesh and a camera.
I wonder why is the red box back culled from the front ?


From this one picture, I do not understand. First, there is a red cube there. The front sides look to be there. What is the blue / grey stuff, and the arrow?

Maybe show what it looks like in Blender, as a start.

Sorry. The arrows are just the world axis.
I have this issue only in this scene, I don’t know what I have messed up.

In babylon, you don’t see the front face

rotated in babylon, as you can see, there’s only 3 faces :

Changing the orientation property to clockwise seems to fix it. but why ? I did not have to do this before.

In Blender:

Are your mesh transforms applied, especially the scale?

Yes I did.


backface_cull_issue.zip (96.3 KB)

Solved. The issue was that the normals were wrong in Blender.

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