SSR with right handled system


How to use Screen Space Reflections with right handled systems?


If you comment fifths line you’l see that ssr will work but if we use right handled system we can’t see reflections (by the true reflections is still there but it on unexpectadly faces);

I also noticed that roughness was added to SSR via alpha channel of texture. As i know it is new feature thats is cool

I am not sure it is supported, let s ask the daddy of SSR @julien-moreau ?


Haven’t done SSR before, but looking at the screen textures, these are the left-handed (default) version:
Position: lh-position
Normal: lh-normal

And right-handed (not working) version:
Position: rh-position
Normal: rh-normal

The two position textures mirror each other, as expected, but the difference in normal textures might be causing problems… I think it’s because in the normal texture of the RHS, we’re looking at the back of the object instead of the front?

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That’s possible, maybe we can ask @CraigFeldspar to confirm that point


I had a inkling the solution wasn’t too hard, and it wasn’t, just multiplying two values by -1 :smiley: Fix is here: Fix screen space reflections on right handed scenes by carolhmj · Pull Request #11662 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (