Streak Effect Test

I find an amazing effect in Unity, thanks for keijiro open this effect!(GitHub - keijiro/Kino: A collection of custom post processing effects for Unity)
I port it to babylon, it looks like nice. It is easy to achieve, I have just finished it in my project. There seems something trouble with it (It depends on HDR, it must work with DefaultRenderPipeline and before DRP, I create a pipeline to set bbl hdr,but it doesn’t work),I will provide a PG soon after I fix the bug.
Here is PG (


That’s really cool. :heart_eyes: A classic in videoFX and such. :clapper:
I’m eager to test the PG.

And then, (once again) I was just wondering and would like to bounce on this:
I believe there’s an idea/project to add and structure all of the NME fx, yes?

Currently, it is all a bit dispersed and mostly relying on this forum page Makes it uneasy to find your FX or even a base, since materials for meshes, animations, pp, procedural, etc… are all a bit mixed together.
I do like the idea of having ‘collections’ and I think it would be really cool to have a dedicated section in the doc with these fx (kind of ordered and tagged so you can easily get to it). @PirateJC

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Looks SUPER COOL! It’s giving me vaporwave vibes :sunglasses:


There is the PG: @mawa , there is a node to control properities of this postprocess:

Can you help me to fix the trouble that this pipeline must work with DefaultRenderPipeline? It seems that I don’t set Engine HDR correctly when I use it singlely.

What is the problem when using the default rendering pipeline? If I disable the streak effect I don’t see a difference, save for the streak effect not being there anymore, of course.

If it is the wrong clear color, it’s because the default rendering pipeline expects it to be in linear space (image processing is enabled by default), so use something like:

scene.clearColor = new BABYLON.Color4(0.2, 0.2, 0.3, 1).toLinearSpace();
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Streak depend on HDR(texture float16/32 format), I set it in customPipeline, but it seems not work. I have to add DefaultRenderPipeline to init hdr mode. When I use customPipeline singlely, the inputTexture is not HDR texture. I don’t know what is wrong :sob:

Oh no, it works in PG :fearful:
something wrong in my local projection :fearful:

Same code with this PG, if I only add CustomPipeline, inputTexture’s range is between 0-1, all pixels threshold are black:

if I add customPipeline and DefaultRenderPipeline, inputTexture’s range is 0 ~ max float:

My babylon version is “@babylonjs/core”: “5.38.0”,

Oh yeee, this question is fix after I update BBL from 5.38.0 to 5.47.0 :star_struck:

I’m glad to hear that. Looks like this will be all ours for the takin very shortly now :yum: :heart_eyes:

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