Suggestions about the visibility of submeshes and bounding box color in gizmo

Hi there

I want to suggest the implementation of visibility of submeshes
I can not change it. I can only change the alpha color, but it would be good if there was a visibility property which is independent of the material

The second thing is if there is a color4 method to set the bounding box color transparency of gizmo it would be better. I have seen that there is only a color3 RGB vector

Thank you!

About submeshes maybe you could rely on vertex colors ? about the gizmo @Cedric might help

Whenever I import a new mesh, it would be difficult to control the vertex colors because the vertex array of each mesh is different. In my case, I import some blender gltf files into the website and there are many different objects

In this case cloning the materials would be the best approach.

Changing the alpha of material is not the best way for my project because I created an app that controls all material properties of the mesh. I have a slider corresponding to alpha. I use the visibility property only for showing selected meshes. If alpha is chosen for that purpose, my alpha slider would be changing every time I click on the mesh

I really do not think we should add more surface/materials to mesh subMesh who are meant to define geometries. It creates quite some issues in term of efficient rendering caches and final opacity will see yet another multipliers.

Here you are looking into simplifying your configurator app at the expense of complexifying runtime which might not be the best option perf wise.

In your case, why not displaying in the configurator a property containing your value stored on the mesh and applying the multiplication into the material where you d keep the original value of alpha for instance ?

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Yes. You are right. I have not thought about that. I will implement this idea into my project. Thank you!