TerrainMaterial bumpTextures have no effect

Applying bumpTextures 1 through 3 to a TerrainMaterial did not result in the material having bumps.

I have created a Playground which showcases the error, with a StandardMaterial on one sphere and a TerrainMaterial on the other spheres. The bumpTextures on the StandardMaterial work fine and produce the desired result, but not so on the TerrainMaterial.


Terrain - Babylon.js Documentation the documentation does state that bumpTextures should be supported on TerrainMaterial.

Pinging the Terrain material author: @julien-moreau

It does work, but it’s not very visible with an hemispheric light. I used a spot light:


It’s best seen in this playground:


Comment the 3 lines that set the bump textures to see the difference.


Ah, thanks @Evgeni_Popov. Sorry for opening this Bug in error…

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