Texture aliasing

How can i make texture Anti-Aliasing? Hope that the lines can be clearly visible

Multiple ways. May be start by looking at the default PP

You can use MSAA and FXAA. In some case SSAO can also provide a form of antialiasing.
Else, the modes you can set on the texture itself for mipmap. There’s plenty to do but then of course, your tiny mini little lines may not all too much appreciate the treatment. I guess you will just have to give it a try…

Edit: I guess the instruction for the sampling mode on a texture is the one below. You would need to find the list of modes from the doc as obviously this one is in fact the contrary of what you are looking for (sry). Simply search for '*SamplingMode". Sry I’m a bit in a hurry. After all, it’s mother’s day (at least, at my place) :rose: :rose: :wink: