Will SMAA anti-aliasing be implemented in the recent plan?

Due to line flickering and aliasing issues, i have been searhing for a solution.

Initially, I attempted to use msaa, but it seams can’t be enable together with pipleline.

Next, I tried to use fxaa, but effect is not good enough.

Now I have setHardwareScalingLevel to 0.5, rendering pixels 4x larger than before, however performance is poor and the result is much better but still not perfect.

Therefore, i wanted to use smaa or taa to improve performance and get better anti aliasing.

During searh in fourm, i found this:

Yes, I think that’s something that shouldn’t be too difficult to implement because there are already some reference implementations that we could leverage. That’s something we’ll have to decide with the team, though.

Has work on this already begun? Is it part of the recent roadmap?

No, work hasn’t started on that. I think it’s something we could tackle for version 7.0 if time permits, but it’s not in the immediate plan.

If anyone would like to contribute, we’re all for it!