The best 3D game engine based on scratch programming?

Hello, where is the best 3D game engine based on scratch programming?

Hello, I struggle to see the relationship with Babylonjs :slight_smile:

are you joking?

Well man. You came to the place where programming is everything and you basically asking a question “How can I do what you guys are doing without programming”

One simple thing you can do is to google “3D web engines” for example, and you get this.

Now you go and research each of those and see if anything suits you. But short answer would be:

You can get somewhere without programming, but you will hit the wall, and in the end you will have to to either learn some programming, or to pay someone to do it for you.

Even non web based engines like Unreal Engine where you can do a lot of stuff without programming, will probably not be enough to create relevant applications/games without it (so at least you have to figure out their Blueprint system, which is basically programming as well).

If you start learning Babylon.js for example, then you are in perfect place. Because this is best forum on 3D web development you will find on the internet, and you will find your answers here. But for other stuff, you have to do some research.

BTW Babylon has it’s own editor where in theory you could do some stuff without programming, but without coding you cannot unlock the true power of it.

Good luck, have fun :slight_smile:


@Necips You have made my day! :laughing:

Take a look at:

  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Cryengine

BabylonJS doesn’t have a node-system yet.
Looks like some part of your question was already answered in your other post Very very important question - #7 by lucazani.

But it is planned :wink:

Amazing discussion. Personally, I’m still looking for a tool with this feature: ‘Instantly create the outmost experience based on what I have vaguely in mind’. Sadly, I didn’t find it in Unity, Unreal or the Cry engine and I’m still waiting for it to come to BJS;)

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@RaananW will work on it for 5.0 :slight_smile:


in corporation with Elon Musk’s new mind-reading tech :slight_smile:

Oh how I just can’t wait to put my hands on that :smiley: Please don’t mess it up :joy:

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