The Blender File for Mixing Textures

@ecoin has created a library of free textures that you can use with Babylon. Js It really is a useful library, but I like to “mix” textures - so not just grass, but mixes of rocks and grass for terrains using the babylon script : babylonjs.materials.min.js that allows mixing of those mixed rock grass textures.

I use the Blender file : texture_mixer04.blend to create the initial terrain textures.

Image 1 below shows the setup of the Blender procedural texture for mixing two textures. The large capital letters are the variables i usually tweak, the smaller capitals can be tweaked, but I usually don’t.

Blue A,B,C - the textures you load. You can change co-ordinate scale if you wish.
Red D.E,F - the main parameters that I change. Adjust the little pointer things in D to vary the noise based mix, adjust E to vary the colour of texture one, either as a colour or as the RGB channels. F varies the strength of bump mapping
Purple H, I - switch the Color1 and Color2, and vary the parameters of the Principled Shader, if you wish

Green G - the texture that will be baked to,

Image2 below shows the “bake” settings I use. To bake the texture mix you like, Chose the Object(a plane), the Green Bake to texture (G) in the shader window, and hit Bake in the “Properties” panel, then wait a minute or so.

The file when it loads will have two of @ecoins textures loaded and the mix_bake of those two textures, so play with it and see what you can do

It is not just for creating terrain textures - you can mix paint and bricks, metal sheeting and rust. You can probably think of more.

Hope you might find it useful.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

Image 1:

Image 2 :

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This is awesome, thank you for sharing. I will definitely try it out!

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@ecoin : Let me know how you get on. It has two of your textures already packed in the file - so just play with the settings. Or maybe add a different stone/dirt texture?

If you like something you baked, save it before you tweak settings again.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile: