The distance of the light to the sphere


When the distance between the camera and the model is less than the range of the camera, the effect of the model with material and without material is different. When the model has PBR material, the model cannot receive light.

This PBR mat has 0 on both metallic and roughness. I believe at a minimum roughness should be set (or may be I didn’t understand the question correctly, did I?)

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This PBR mat has 0 on both metallic and roughness,
metallic is 1, after metallic is 0,effect is different

The brightness displayed by the PBR material is the result of the intensity and range of the light and the directIntensity of the material.
How is the color calculated after the combination?

PBR materials need much more light intensity than Standard materials for the same (or similar) effect.

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t express myself correctly. The metallic channel was ‘undefined’.
Looks like the default is 1 for metallic and 0 for roughness. Although while ‘undefined’ the Inspector for some reason shows a value of 0 for both.
Nonetheless, not defining the metallic workflow on a PBR mat is a bit of a ‘miss’. Same as not having an env for a PBR mat is another ‘miss’.

I believe for

You would want to may be first have a look at this part of the doc
Basically, what it tells you from the PBR workflow is that you have two ways (one being sort of left behind since it’s more of a tweak than a true PBR workflow). Read the ‘specularGlossiness’. In essence the specular glossiness is the way a standardMaterial works towards light. The material has specular properties affected by the light. This is how you can set the ‘color’ of a light source when it hits a standardMaterial. Through the specular. But a PBR material essentially works from an environment. A light casted without an environment on a PBR material is something like working in a ‘blackhole’. If there’s a light casted, then there’s no blackhole anymore. Since with a light source, your environment will be lit (even if just the tiny-mini). So working PBR without an env, doesn’t really make sense (at least to me).

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